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23 Best Gifts For Stay At Home Moms

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What gift should you get a homemaker? Here are the best gifts for stay at home moms! (From practical to just for fun!)

Hi there – I’m Chantal! I’m a stay-at-home mom and the owner of this little blog. 

In total, I have been a stay-at-home mom for nearly eight years. I tell you this so that you know that I do indeed have some expertise in the area of homemaking!

I have first-hand experience and insight into what moms want and need. 

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So today I bring to you a great list of gifts for stay at home moms.

More specifically, the busy mom who works mostly in the home. (Even if she earns money at home!)

Every mom is different, of course, but there are just some things that a stay-at-home mom might want more than a working mom.

Either way, a gift is a gift – and it will probably be appreciated no matter what.

But if you don’t know what to get the SAHM (that’s stay-at-home-mom) in your life, I can help!

Keep scrolling to find some great gifts for stay at home moms!

Below are some great practical gift ideas for homemakers. (If you end up gifting one of these items, let me know how she likes it!) I hope they give you some inspiration and help you pick out the perfect gift.

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23 Best Gifts For Stay At Home Moms

1. Massage Gift Certificate

A classic gift, but for good reason! All moms need a break, but stay-at-home moms could always use a good reason to get out of the house.

So, gift her a full body massage and make sure that she can actually use it. (That brings me to my next gift idea!)

2. Babysitter

This will always be one of my top picks! If you can’t offer to babysit (always a great gift for homemakers), then simply pay for one. If you have or know of a trusted babysitter that can be lent out, even better.

This is seriously one of THE best gifts you can ever give a SAHM. Or any mom, for that matter. Always a great option! 🙂

If your goal is practical gift ideas for homemakers, stick to stuff that really helps!

3. Night Out

This is right along with the babysitter, but it goes a little further. Stay-at-home moms need to let loose sometimes, but they don’t always have the energy or creativity to plan it all out.

If you want to give a homemaker a great gift, make a night of it! I’d personally love to go to a bar with the girls, to the movies, or maybe even to a concert or play! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.

If you can, plan out the whole evening so mom doesn’t have to. That means babysitting, booking tickets/reservations, and transportation.

Trust me, it will be appreciated! This gives mom a reason to dress up and be around adults for a change. So needed. (Especially for new moms!)

4. Instant Pot

So, I took a bit of a leap down here, but if you’re looking for practical gift ideas for homemakers, this is a great one.

Who doesn’t love practical gifts though? Instant Pots are perfect for those “oh crap” nights where you didn’t make solid dinner plans. (They have the ability to cook things, even frozen, very quickly.)

If the stay-at-home mom in your life doesn’t already have one, she definitely deserves an Instant Pot.

5. Housecleaning

What would this list be without the mention of cleaning? If you don’t already know, almost every. single. mom. out there would love to have a little help with housecleaning.

I find this to be a very thoughtful gift, despite what you may think. The nice thing about this gift idea is that you can do it yourself – no money needed.

You can even get family members involved to help out. If not, you can always gift mom a cleaning service gift certificate.

And don’t be fooled by homemakers that appear to have a pretty clean home – all of us moms have some deep-cleaning projects in mind!

P.S. This gift is especially appreciated if you have just had a baby or have many young children.

6. Personal Care Products

Okay, this might sound odd if you’re not a mom. But here’s the thing – moms have a tendency to put themselves on the back burner.

Secondly, stay-at-home moms don’t always like to spend money on themselves. (Maybe they feel like they aren’t contributing enough financially. At least that’s how I feel sometimes.)

So, some fun, good-quality personal care products can make great gifts for homemakers.

We’re talking nice lotion, chapstick, make-up, and more. If you know the SAHM in your life pretty well, definitely pay attention to what she likes and go from there.

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7. Spa Products

When I say spa products, I’m thinking nice bath salts, maybe some bath bombs, exfoliants – you know the drill.

If mom gets the chance to have some time to herself, you can bet that a long, hot bath is at the top of her “to-do” list.

Wouldn’t it be nice for her to have some fun bath products to use? I think yes! She can have her own little spa day at home.

8. Essential Oils & Diffuser

Essential oils are all the rage, and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like them.

Chances are that the homemaker in your life already has an essential oil diffuser, and maybe she has some oils too.

If she doesn’t, this is an awesome gift idea for her! But let’s just be honest – you can never have enough smell-good. (So gift her some good-quality oils if she already has a diffuser!)

9. Robot Vacuum

Okay, don’t freak out. But this is one of THE best gifts for stay at home moms. You don’t have to spend over $300 on a vacuum if you don’t want to. (Even though a lot of moms would love it if you did.)

They have some great robotic vacuums out there, and most moms I know want one if they don’t already have one. (Especially if they have a dog!)

This is the ultimate practical gift for homemakers, so if “practical” is your goal, this is where it’s at! They even make more reasonably priced ones, so start there if you want to.

Tip: If you’re going for a holiday gift, these vacuums are often on sale on Black Friday. If you can plan ahead, you can save big-time.

10. Weekly Planner

A lot of people still get really into physical planners. Busy moms who are running kids around to different activities and appointments might just love to be gifted a planner!

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11. Home Foot Massager

A lot of stay at home moms might be too busy or tired to go out for a pedicure or massage. So bring the pedi to them!

They make fun little home spas just for pedicures and foot massages. They are pretty affordable, too.

12. Good Bath Bombs

If you haven’t tried bath bombs personally, they are so much fun! Snag a few good-smelling, non-toxic bath bombs to help the SAHM in your life relax!

13. Specialty Coffee

Special espresso pods, a coffee gift card, or any other “specialty” coffee is sure to be loved by the homemaker in your life. (Assuming she is a coffee lover, of course.) Fun syrups, creamers, and teas are a great idea too!

14. Keurig Coffee Maker

Convenience and easy = music to a stay-at-home mom’s ears! If the homemaker in your life doesn’t already have a Keurig or similar coffee maker, consider gifting her one!

They make a cup of coffee in just a few minutes and are really helpful when you’re busy and/or sleepy in the morning.

15. At-Home Manicure Kit

From gel kits to dip kits or shellac, there are all sorts of fun at-home manicure kits out there.

Since many homemakers don’t find the time to go out for a manicure, bring the manicure to them! It’s super fun and can be a great way to pamper any mama.

If you’re purchasing during the holiday season, they make some really fun gift set nail kits. Keep an eye out!

16. Adult Coloring Books

Coloring can be a great brain break, giving the mom in your life the chance to relax mentally and emotionally.

It can also foster creativity without having to go anywhere or expensive art supplies.

They make some really beautiful adult coloring books – but be sure to gift some nice fine-tipped markers or pens if you plan to give the SAHM in your life some adult coloring books.

17. Scented Candle

Candles are still popular – and they probably always will be! I am personally choosy about my candles (some scents give me headaches) so I stick with soy candles. If the homemaker in your life is into candles, consider a soy wax scented candle!

18. Home Office Supplies

I love useful gifts. Homemakers are good organizers, and office supplies are always fun to have!

Consider gifting a nice notebook, cool pens, cute office decor, or any other useful items that will help the SAHM in your life be productive.

19. Good Books

Whether or not the homemaker in your life is a big reader, reading is a great way to unwind before bed or for a few minutes during the day. I am really into personal development books right now, but if I’m honest, the best books for a brain break are fiction!

Consider romance, best-sellers, and historical fiction. (Okay, those might be my go-to picks.) A good cookbook is never a bad idea either! Jill Winger’s cookbook is my absolute favorite right now.

20. Fun Face Masks

Pamper the stay-at-home-mom in your life with some fun rejuvenating face masks. (The slimier the better!)

They make some fun and unique ones that will give mom a chance to have some fun while also taking care of herself. I’m thinking seaweed, oatmeal, etc.

21. Restaurant Gift Cards

I don’t care who you are, restaurant gift cards are never a bad thing. Sure, they are a little bit less involved than other gifts, but they are always helpful.

Many a stay-at-home mom skimps on outings because of the money, but if she has a restaurant gift card, she’ll have no reason not to go out! (But be sure that you either cover her for babysitting or give enough $ for her to take the kids with.)

P.S. You can even buy restaurant gift cards online and they will be delivered via email!

22. Window Cleaning

Seems a little weird, but window cleaning is that thing that is bothering mom, yet she isn’t eager to do herself. Any deep cleaning feels this way for me.

I catch myself walking by windows that need to be cleaned all of the time, but I don’t always want to go outside and do the exterior.

A great gift (especially during the spring) would be to pay a professional to clean all of the windows on the outside. At least I think so. 🙂

23. Landscaping

Not all moms have a knack for gardening, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want nice grounds.

Or maybe they’ve recently had a baby or have been really busy, resulting in the neglect of the landscaping.

Doesn’t matter the reason – just consider gifting some landscaping work to the mama in your life so that she can “catch” up on all of those to-dos.

That’s it friends! Hopefully this helped you with some gifts ideas for the homemaker in your life. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts, and I’m sure she’ll appreciate being considered and cared for.

Have more ideas for gifts for stay at home moms?

I would love your feedback and any more ideas you might have. Feel free to leave a comment below with your own ideas for gifts for stay at home moms!

If you have any practical gift ideas for homemakers, I’d love to hear those too!


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